Our Philosophy

We are all unique

At NWELC every child, family, educator and team member are recognised and respected for who they are, how they think and the contributions they make. We acknowledge this by providing a range of opportunities and experiences allowing learning and development to occur at an individual pace and in unique ways, as we all discover what we know, are able to do and understand.

We are just one piece of a puzzle

At NWELC we understand that our centre is just one piece of the puzzle that is the lives of our children and their families. We respect our families and their input, aiming to work in collaborative partnerships with them. We understand each family is unique and have differing reasons for including us as a piece of their puzzle.

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Our Location

News Flash

Babies are back! Our new babies nursery has now
re-opened and limited placements are available. Come and see the new look. Please contact myself to secure your booking.

Our centre has price packages to make child care for babies more affordable to each and every family.

For more information please contact: Mandy Cumberland, Centre Director, 02 4334 2334.