In relation to families we believe:

  • In building secure and collaborative partnerships between families, staff and children.

  • In valuing family diversity and experiences to ensure cultural connections are maintained and respected.

  • In encouraging families to participate in their child’s early education and their commitment respected.

  • That effective communication between staff, children and families is key to a successful child care relationship.

  • That families are the primary teachers of their children. We will work to support parents and share information of benefit to their children’s development and progress.

Our Location

News Flash

Babies are back! Our new babies nursery has now
re-opened and limited placements are available. Come and see the new look. Please contact myself to secure your booking.

Our centre has price packages to make child care for babies more affordable to each and every family.

For more information please contact: Mandy Cumberland, Centre Director, 02 4334 2334.