In relation to Colleagues we believe:

  • In promoting working conditions that foster competence, well-being and self-esteem whilst supporting and assisting each other.

  • In professional development, and respecting our child care colleagues’ opinions in relation to curriculum strategies.

  • In utilising workshops and training to extend our professional development, ensuring we reflect current best practice for child care.

  • In a partnership that challenges and evaluate beliefs, philosophies and practices, advocating for the children in our care and their early childhood learning.

  • In promoting a cross-cultural and anti-bias approach to learning through our curriculum and an enriched educational environment.

  • In networking with peers and professionals within child care and related industries. Staff will attend group sessions with other individuals and utilise mentors where possible.

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News Flash

Babies are back! Our new babies nursery has now
re-opened and limited placements are available. Come and see the new look. Please contact myself to secure your booking.

Our centre has price packages to make child care for babies more affordable to each and every family.

For more information please contact: Mandy Cumberland, Centre Director, 02 4334 2334.